Rear View Mirror 意味

Full-length mirrors lined each wall of the bathroom. She had a quick look in the rear mirror before she pulled out from the kerb.

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Back mirror is Japanese-English and is NOT used to mean rear-view mirror.

Rear view mirror 意味. Rearview mirrorとは 意味や和訳 車などのバックミラー バックミラーは和製英語 – 80万項目以上収録例文コロケーションが豊富な無料英和和英辞典. Theres a mirror above the washbasin. A large mirror in a room can create the illusion of space.

Rear – view mirror 複数形 rear-view mirrors A mirror inside a vehicle that allows the driver to see the traffic behind. Rear view mirror 视野欠. 今日取り上げるのはwith his opening-day defeat in the rearview mirrorという表現ですUG先生も過去にput in the rearview mirrorという表現を取り上げておられました この場合は一敗した初日のことは忘れて気持ちを切り替えてという意味になると思います.

Backspace rear view mirror 中文翻譯 倒后鏡 inside rear view mirror 中文翻譯 內部后視鏡 rear-view mirror driving mirror 中文翻譯 后視鏡 rear view 中文翻譯 背視圖. Ad Find China Manufacturers Of Rear View Mirror. Rear-view mirror は車中に取り付けられた後方の様子を見るための鏡です 注意 Back mirrorは和製.

Figuratively by extension The observer s perception of something that is past or has been surpassed. Rearview mirror ˌrɪəvjuː ˈmɪrə ˌrɪrvjuː ˈmɪrər noun countable a mirror inside a car etc that lets the driver see the area behind the car wing mirror コーパスの例 rearview mirror The large eyes in the rearview mirror looked away. The rear-view mirror is the mirror inside a car that is used to see traffic etc.

Guilt is a powerful emotion in the moment but its easy to ignore once its in the rear-view mirror. A mirror as in an automobile that gives a view of the area behind a vehicle Examples of rearview mirror in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web But Ford announced plans to have some temporary shutdowns in July a sign that the problem is not yet in the rearview mirror. You have a chinese knick – knack hanging on your rear view mirror 你的车子后视镜上会吊中国摆设 You have a chinese knickknack hanging on your rear view mirror 你的车子后视镜上会吊中国装饰品 Door mirror elektro sport rear view mirror 门镜电动运动角镜.

Ad Find China Manufacturers Of Rear View Mirror. Also rear-view mirror us ˈrɪərˌvju ˈmɪrər us ˈrɪərˌvju ˈmɪrər a mirror inside a car in which the driver can see what is happening behind the car. The rear view mirror having the camera comprises a rear view mirror body 2 disposed in a cabin and reflecting the backward view and the camera 3 mounted to the rear view mirror body 2 with a ball and socket coupling 16.

Rear-view camera with display in interior mirror はルームミラーに液晶モ ニターがついておりシフトレバーを後進に入れるとリ アビ ュ ー カメラの映 像 が 写 る. Rearview mirrorの意味和訳名詞バックミラー例文car mirror that reflects the view out of the rear window英検公式英検対策に役立つ英和和英辞書. Definition of rearview mirror.

See someones curious eyes in the rearview mirror 車のバックミラーに人の好奇 こうき の目が写っているのが見える parallel park a car in a tight spot using a rearview mirror. 日本語で言うバックミラー back mirrorは英語では正しくは rear-view mirror と表現します.

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